“Grow, develop, win, and have fun playing the game of tennis”

We want to assist you in reaching and experiencing your full potential! We believe in improving your performance as a tennis athlete first, with winning being the result of achieving your goals. Competence and confidence on the court are the building blocks to strive for, with competitiveness for those interested growing from these. We challenge our students to strive for improvement in areas, rather than a “winning at all costs” philosophy. We believe in working together with our students in a cooperative manner in which decisions are collaborative and the training structure is flexible. You should feel that the lesson is uniquely tailored to you and taught by a trained professional who enjoys teaching and being on the court with you. You will be taught with patience and understanding in a stress-free environment. We take pride in hearing many students say that after lessons, they feel better not only about their tennis game, but better about themselves as well.

Our goal is to inspire and offer a positive, high quality approach in all of the tennis related areas: physical, technical, tactical, strategic, mental/emotional, and environmental. As a high-performance academy, we get tremendous satisfaction when watching a client learning a new skill and having their light bulb go on in terms of understanding and integration of that particular skill. To see the look of excitement in their eyes at learning and discovering a new tool as well as the feeling of accomplishment is what it’s all about for us. We’re all about having the player feel good about themselves and gaining a new found sense of confidence through the sport of tennis.

We want to assist you in maximizing your particular style of play and finding your individual flair. To concentrate on doing whatever we can to help bring confidence within you. There are so many wonderful facets of tennis and the game is always evolving. As instructors, we strive to better ourselves by being constant students of the game: always increasing our own knowledge, concepts and ideas.

Teaching Methodology

In training a player from beginner to a high performance level such as a college recruit or a 4.5 level player, we take you through a progression of general performance components encountered along the way. The general performance components are physical, technical, strategic, mental/emotional, and environmental. Each is constituted by a multitude of training factors through a periodization plan* (USPTA) that places all of the training elements in a comprehensive progression based on a player’s ability and mental and physical maturity. The United States Professional Tennis Association devised this periodization plan to help a player with specific goals in training and competition. Periodization is intended to generate peak performance of general and long term goals. The chart below illustrates the six general performance components and their defining concepts.

Tennis Diagnostics

We are able to diagnose the missing links within your body motion, make the necessary mechanical/fundamental corrections, and most importantly, provide you with clear and concise concepts that make those changes easy to understand, replicate, and practice. These subtle adjustments will assist you in coordinating your body motion more efficiently, providing you the best opportunity for performance with effortlessness.  Flaws in technique which may lead to poor performance and injury will also be identified.

Tennis Plans

Our mission of excellence will be to assist you in meeting a variety of your tennis or personal goals including:

*Improving your tennis (technical, tactical, strategic, mental/emotional)
*Providing great tennis partners
*Creating a sports specific fitness program and strength training program
*Having fun playing tennis in a beautiful setting

Teaching Objective

Specific modern techniques and fundamentals lay the foundation for playing tennis in such a way that is easy, effortless, and fun. We promote hitting the ball efficiently with the least amount of effort as a standard for people to strive towards. Whether your goal is to hit the ball with consistency, control, direction, spin, power, or all of the above, it is easily attainable to do this in a relaxed and effortless way.

We couple the teaching of techniques with tactics. With this approach, we teach technical solutions to compliment tactics all according to each player’s level of development. Tactics are the little things a player implements with each shot (speed, spin, placement, etc. to achieve the goals of the bigger picture (an overall match strategy).  Our technical guidance is given, but always progressing to a realistic game play context.  Within the modern game, with its expanded range of shots, proper technical guidance is extremely important otherwise, one will develop an inefficient way of executing their shots. This will limit what you can do and, at worst, may even lead to injury.

The basic elements of this approach include working on a specific situation on the tennis court, a situation that occurs during point play at your level of development – for example: Where are you on the court? What kind of ball are you receiving? Where is the opponent? Along with identifying the specific situation, it is equally important to make sure the technical aspects of each stroke are on the right track by incorporating a progression of exercises/drills.

Whatever your goals are, we will assist in getting you there!